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Ulu Ilir Institute

Spiritual Parenting Online Seminar How to come Closer to Allah Through Parenting

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Ulu Ilir Institute

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Ulu Ilir Institute

Menyelisik Kehidupan Muslim di Jerman Online Seminar

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Ulu Ilir Institute

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Our Program

Our Moto

To navigate the currents of our time by being rooted in our spiritual tradition, living in our local cultures and reaching out to the global community.

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Making New Knowledge Part of Everyday Life

Our seminars cater to people who are interested in learning more about Islam and spirituality. We offer seminars and workshops on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to Islam in Germany, Spiritual Parenting and Islamic Spirituality.

Some of our seminars and workshops can be accessed here: https://ulu-ilir-institute.teachable.com/


Our ACADEMIA section forms another fundamental part of our Ulu-Ilir-Institute. We aim to make academic discussion a part of our common culture. Our permanent scholar in residence is Dr. Claudia.

Art Courses

Our ART section is one major part of Ulu Ilir Institute. Here, we have an artist in residence program that is divided in permanent artist in residence and visiting artist in residence.

Learn German

Learn German in Palembang. At Ulu-Ilir-Institute! Classes will begin September 2019.

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Language Services

We offer high-quality language services done by our linguists ...

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Academic Programs

One of our academic activities is a monthly open seminar. Here we aim to invite ...

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