Who we are

Askanadi, S.Sn.

Askanadi is an internationally renowed contemporary artist. His works are mainly abstract and spiritually uplifting for the viewer. He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Yogyakarta in 2007. He has lived in Germany, Malaysia and Indonesia. He has now returned to his home town to contribute his knowledge and skills to the society. He is married to Dr. Claudia. He has two children. Askanadi is the co-founder and director of Ulu-Ilir-Institute.

Askanadi, S.Sn.
Seniman kontemporer yang dikenal internasional

Askanadi adalah seniman kontemporer yang dikenal internasional. Karya Askanadi adalah abstrak dan mengangkat spiritualitas dari orang yang melihatnya.

Dr. Phil. Claudia Seise

Dr. Claudia is an internationally recognized writer and researcher. She obtained her PhD in Southeast Asian Studies from the Humboldt University Berlin and Freie University Berlin. In 2017, she was a visiting lecturer at the Humboldt University and from 2018-2019 she was a lecturer at the International Islamic University Malaysia. She is co-founder of the Ulu-Ilir-Institute and permanent scholar in residence and volunteer there.

Dr. Phil. Claudia Seise
Scholar in residence yang permanent

Dr. Claudia adalah ko-pendiri Ulu-Ilir.Institute dan menjadi scholar in residence yang permanent. Dia juga menjalankan tugas lainnya sebagai relawan di Ulu-Ilir-Institute.

Rusnita, S.Ag.

Rusnita studied Arabic Literature at the State Islamic University of Yogyakarta. She serves as secretary to the Ulu-Ilir-Institute and offers language services and translation from Indonesian to Arabic/ Arabic to Indonesian.

Suparman, S.Sn.

Suparman graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Yogyakarta in 2014. He serves as the deputy Art Manager and focuses especially on art in the public space.