Our Vision & Mission


Our Moto

To navigate the currents of our time by being rooted in our spiritual tradition, living in our local cultures and reaching out to the global community.


Our Vision

To contribute to inculcating spiritual, cultural and artistic awareness in the local and global community. To empower our communities and especially our young generations in purposefully using their talents and skills to enhance our communities and to leave meaningful and sustainable footprints in this world.


Our Mission

We truly believe that every individual has been given talents and skills by God. It is our responsibility to develop and make use of these skills and talents to the best of our capability. Through our cultural, spiritual and educative programs, we aim to meaningfully contribute to society. We aim to raise awareness about the importance of art and spirituality for communal and individual life. And we aim to encourage the members of our community to use their talents and skills to the best of their ability. We strive to be a mercy for our communities in serving them as good as we can.


Why Ulu-Ilir-Institue?

In Indonesian the two sides of a river are referred to as ulu and ilir. Both belong to the geography, culture and spirituality of the river and the people living along the river. We see ulu, ilir and the river as symbols that form part of who we are, where we live and where we are going. The river forms the uniting element between different shores. We see our Ulu-Ilir-Institute as a uniting element between different cultures, different people and different ways of thinking.