Our Activities

Our Activities

Our institute offers a wide range of activities, programs and services. We do not want to restrict ourselves. We want to be open and creative, tolerant and helpful to the community.


Our ART section is one major part of Ulu Ilir Institute. Here, we have an artist in residence program that is divided in permanent artist in residence and visiting artist in residence. We offer different art courses for children and adults, including one course on exploring our spirituality through art especially for women held by Dr. Claudia. Find out more about our art courses here. We also organize art exhibition and are happy to assist you to decorate your home, office, restaurant or public space with exquisite and elegant contemporary art.


Our ACADEMIA section forms another fundamental part of our Ulu-Ilir-Institute. We aim to make academic discussion a part of our common culture. Our permanent scholar in residence is Dr. Claudia. We are also aspiring to hosting visiting scholars in residence. Being committed to local culture, heritage and knowledge, we will focus on research and discussions about the greater region of Palembang and South Sumatra. We are planning to have a monthly public lecture, inviting different scholars to talk about a diverse range of topics. In addition, we aim to have specific lectures targeted at university students. Here the aim is to foster a culture of seeking knowledge, not just seeking degrees. You can find our publications here. If you are an academic or scholar and would like to contribute, please get in touch with us.


Our LANGUAGE section caters especially to those of you who are interested in learning German or improve their English conversation skills. Learning German is especially interesting to young people who aim to continue their higher education in Germany. German classes and English conversation classes are taught personally by Dr. Claudia. We also offer language services like translations. Please inquire about our concrete services and fees.

Spiritual Care

Very close to our heart is the SPIRITUAL CARE section of Ulu-Ilir-Institute. Here we focus on our responsibility as Muslims to be of service to our community and the people in need. One of the main focus will be convert care. This includes committment on the local as well as global level. New Muslims will find support and assistance at Ulu-Ilir-Institute. Other programs will include being of service to the needy in our community. In our Spiritual Care section, we welcome volunteers and donations. Concrete programs can be found here.