Academic Programs


1. Monthly Open Lecture

One of our main academic activitiy is our monthly open lecture. Here we aim to invite different local and non-local scholars to talk about our main research focus, the greater region of Palembang and South Sumatra.

We will announce the topic for each public lecture in advance. Reservation to attend the lecture is preferred because space is limited. The lecture is free of charge. Small donations for our operational cost are welcome. Reservations can be made here:


2. Specific Lectures for the Public

Our specific lectures for the general public, university students and other interested people, focus on different topics. They are easily understood and aim to enhance our culture of seeking knowledge wherever we are. For the first period of our annual agenda, we will focus on the following topics:

            – Spiritual Parenting

            – Islam and Secularism

            – Famous Muslim Women in History

            – History of Islam and Muslims in Germany